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Auto Enable and Disable GPS for Maps This will turn on GPS when launching Maps and then turn it off, when exiting Maps. If GPS already on, when launching Maps, it will not turn GPS off, when exiting Maps. Google Maps       Ryhor Burakou
Tue, 11 May 2010 16:10:51 UTC
Enable Verizon aGPS Server for Improved GPS ***This patch is for Verizon users only.***

I do not recommend installing it on a non-Verizon device.

In typical Verizon shortsightedness, they have eliminated the ability of any applications other than Verizon Navigator to access aGPS. For most devices, this would be an annoyance, but the Pre is setup to be an aGPS device only out of the box (unless you do the QPST tweak that can be found on the PreCentral forums).

Thanks to Darthpooh, I believe I've tracked down the root cause of that, and created a work around for Verizon users. This patch--once installed--should allow Verizon users to acquire GPS coordinates in any app in the same time it'd take for Verizon Navigator to get it. And no jumping through hoops or workarounds required. Such as having to open Verizon Navigator to get Google Maps to work...or standing on your head while spinning counter clockwise on Monday (you don't want to see what you have to do on Tuesdays).

So far I've updated the major programs that are accessing GPS. I'm fairly confidant in the following:
Third party apps.
GPS based off the global search.
Notifcation based GPS lookups.
GPS Diagnostic Screen

Programs/applications that I haven't touched:
Photo GeoTagging
Google Maps       Ebag333
Link 1.4.0-44
Tue, 11 May 2010 16:21:59 UTC
Latitude Workaround Allows you to use Latitude when in Google Maps via the app menu or gesture area + 'L'...Also, you can reload Google Maps to normal functionality by using the app menu or gesture area + 'R'...If you close Gmaps on Latitude, the patch will automatically clear the map the next time you open it to restore normal functionality. Google Maps Show Show   xanthinealkaloid
Link 1.3.5-26

Mon, 22 Feb 2010 20:50:40 UTC
Start in Fullscreen Starts Google Maps in fullscreen mode which can later be toggled on and off with a tap-hold on the screen. Google Maps       xanthinealkaloid
Link 1.3.5-22

Mon, 08 Mar 2010 06:57:49 UTC